Healthy Lawn, healthy mindset

Oftentimes as a homeowner you are challenged with yearly maintenance and keep up to your home and the property that it sits on. For many different reasons this work is often contracted out to professionals that will do the work for a wage. However, for some people there is a peace of mind in knowing exactly what is going into your home and surrounding property. It is important as homeowners that we take note of the maintenance to our homes. Especially your lawn, that’s what Agri Products is here to help you with. We have interactive tools to keep you in the game this year and for years to come to help with scheduling, dosage of chemicals, and maintenance recommendations! In this article we will talk about why it is essential to keep your lawn in good shape and what the purpose is behind having quality equipment to do so with.

Section 1 - “A shapely Lawn is Essential”

Taking initiative for your home's lawn is the beginning to obtaining a healthy lawn. One of the many benefits of having a premium neighbor jealousy comment indusing lawn is that it's just flat out good for your house. If having a solid foundation was a good enough illustration for Jesus in (Matthew 7:24-27) then it's important enough to actually adhere to appling good principles for your house's lawn as well. Many of us allow watering to become a daunting task during the dry months. Most southern grasses will need roughly 1” - 2” of water during the hottest months of the year while cool season grasses will need slightly more. This is a little miss leading though because depending on when you water you may not be getting your lawn the most effective watering it could get. Watering needs to be targeted during the mornings when the ground is slightly cooler and more receptive to taking in the moisture and holding it instead of evaporating immediately like during the hot hours of the day. Having a healthy lawn provides a safe place for your family as well. If you have children, animals, or all of the above. You need to be keeping your lawn healthy and clean, majority of family get togethers and other activities take place outdoors, and having a lawn that can handle those functions is important. A big way to take care of this is by handling grub control and pest control in your lawn! We have a general annual list of when to apply certain products that will help to prevent party crashing mosquitos, mood killing june bugs, ankle biting chiggers, and much more. That list is sectioned and posted in the blog section of our home page online as well.

Section 2 - “Redefining your Look”

Sometimes we have to redefine areas of our lawn, the most simple way of doing this is by using a shovel or spade of some sort to move and grade your lawn. While this works for small areas like garden beds or other features in your home space, this technique is quickly outgrown when it comes to grading or landscaping whole lawns. If you are having water runoff issues or you are needing to create a new blank space for a project / building here are a few tips Agri Products recommends that you look into.

  • look into equipment rentals or try asking a friend to borrow a piece of equipment they might have. Some diligence in this area and patience will save you some big money in the long run.
  • Always put as much time into the prep for a project of this scale as you do the actual project, pre plan days off to actually work on your lawn / project so you don’t get sidetracked from completing your project. 
  • Set realistic expectations of what you can complete, when you're starting off doing these types of projects don’t try to do more than what you really think you're capable of. You will be far more satisfied with your work when it looks like a professional was hired for the job. 
  • Get some help! It’s okay to ask a few friends to come over and help you to complete your projects. Offer up a burger cookout or some food and make it fun. Before you know it your project will be done in no time at all. 

Always remember to relax a little after a project and enjoy your work. It’s important that you don’t forget that having a good looking and healthy lawn isn’t all about making you go crazy trying to find money to complete a new look, or stressing your marriage either. It’s all about pouring character into your lawn to create a more joyful and safe place to have amazing memories with your family and friends!

Section 3 - “Doing the Touch-Ups”

You’ve done all this hard work but your lawn still doesn’t have that Pop! You're looking for. More often than not this is due to weather conditions and the mineral/vitamin make up in your soil. Don’t sweat yet, adding a little iron + the appropriate amount of water to go with it will really green things up! One of our favorite combinations to help really send your lawn over the edge is (liquid iron fertilizer, fish emulsion fertilizer, and nitrogen). All planned out to be given the appropriate amounts and necessary water amount. Your lawn will be growing like crazy and as green as possible! We always thank you for checking into our articles and hope you have a wonderful day!

January 18, 2024 — James Vaughn